Monday, July 19, 2010

What a summer

Giff is very busy growing and selling fruit. When he is not out on the farm he is trying to squeeze in some family time. As I type he is sitting behind me at his desk planning for the week to come. Strawberries will be renovated, the Red Haven peaches still need to have their last thinning, the new strawberries need weeding, the fruiting canes on the raspberries will be pruned, and there is more hand thinning to be done on the apples.
This summer has been unprecedented with it's weather. We are consistently almost 2 weeks ahead on each crop and expect to be picking apples by August 1st.
I have been asking Giff about this blog and he just can't find the time (as you can imagine). As soon as he has time he will let you know what has been happening and what is to come.
We both hope you are finding some relief and fun in this warm summer and are enjoying lots of fresh fruit.
Mae (Giff's wife)