Thursday, May 5, 2011

spring rush

Well this spring has been nothing like last. If you remember last season felt like sprinting a marathon to the finish line. And the finish line was the beginning of strawberry harvest which came on June 7th in 2010. This season I expect strawberry season to begin no sooner than the 20th of June and maybe 5 days later! Which means at least 2 more weeks if not closer to 3 do get the same work done! So this season is more like jogging the marathon. Still difficult and the same amount of work but it can be taken at a much more relaxing pace.
Butternut Farm has come through the winter well though. Our pick your own crops should be plentiful this season. Right now our plums are in full bloom and the cherries are just coming into bloom. It would be nice to get some warmer weather to help pollinate those crops. The bees tend to stay at home if it is below 60 or raining so everyone think sun! Most often though mother nature finds a way to set the crops so I try not to worry to much about these things which I can't control and just focus on running the marathon which I can control. The peaches will be in bloom probably by mothers day or slightly later and the apples will be soon to follow. If your reading this by then take a trip up to the farm and walk around if you like to watch the bees doing their work, it fascinates me every year. Be sure to do it on a warm sunny day though!
Any way take care and see you in june for PYO strawberries!