Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow Shoes

A quick google search on "snow shoes" informed me that they were invented about 6000 years ago by people living in central asia. The people apparently observed the foot characteristics of animals like the Snow Shoe Hare and built the first snow shoes based on this animals' large webbed feet.
Well needless to say the farm purchased a pair of 21inch snow shoes for me to use while pruning the apple trees this winter. I tried one day without and quickly realized sinking into my knee on every step was going to get bothersome over the course of the pruning season. So a quick trip to Philbricks produced a nice pair of middle of the road snow shoes, cost about $110. Boy what a great feeling to be walking on, instead of in the snow. I imagine the first people to use snow shoes must have felt such a sense of freedom and mobility once they strapped those shoes to their feet. So did I. And to boot I am now a whole 1.5 feet taller and am able to reach the tops of those trees so much easier, its like walking around on stilts!

My dad always told me a piece of equipment was a good investment if it allowed you to get a job done faster. I would say this $110 was a good investment.

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