Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love those bumbles

I wish I had a way to describe how great the bumble bees are here at Butternut Farm.  I'm afraid I will not do it justice.   A video of them zooming around the farm to and from the blueberry patch would be great!  If only we could hook a camera onto one of them so to travel along with them.  That You Tube video would surely go viral. 
    They don't fly more than 15 or 20 ft off the ground so you can see and hear them coming!   Anyone familiar with the layout here at Butternut Farm knows that the barn is next to the Blueberry Patch.  The barn is about 25 feet tall so the bumbles don't fly over it when they are coming and going they fly around it.  By standing on either end of the barn for a couple of minutes I can count about 10 bees that fly by per minute.  It appears as if they fly to the blueberries load up with nectar from the flowers and then bring the nectar back to their nest.  Then they return for more.  They do this all day from sun up to sun down.  So I decided to walk thru the pick your own blueberry field and tried to get an idea of how many bees were there.  Today a nice sunny day with temps near 70 I kid you not there must be 2 or 3 in each bush.  Really it is a remarkable thing to see!   
   They say that the Bumble Bee population is making a comeback during recent years!  Maybe with the honey bees having so many problems recently mother nature is filling our fruit crops pollination needs by increasing the number Bumbles.   It is fascinating how "She" works. 
    Irregardless of the the reason for their numbers, the large number of Bumble Bees in Butternut Farm's pick your own blueberry patch are working there butts off to sustain themselves, and unknowingly pollinating our blueberry crop.  A crop which looks like it will be a doozy this year. 

Maybe some day in the future the technology will be available to hook a camera onto the back of a bumble bee.   Certainly that would be a neat video to see.  

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  1. Everybody seems to be talking about the bumble bees this year. Is it my imagination or are they bigger than usual.Can't wait to start picking and canning.See you soon.