Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why do you PYO at Butternut Farm?

Butternut Farm's strawberry queen Betty!  Apparently she found some good picking on this trip to the strawberry patch.  Maybe she needed another container? 
 Today's date is February 18th 2014, the snow is falling heavy this afternoon in New Hampshire which makes it a great day to post a blog!  Typically this time of year I'm busy pruning apple trees, blueberry bushes, and repainting signs (This farm has a lot of them).
Farmer Giff busy pruning apple trees.  Not a lot of conversation to be had this time of year on the farm so my mind wonders
While doing these winter time tasks my brain often wonders to things like what makes our small pick your own fruit farm successful.  From what I can see people come for the fruit, time spent with a friend or loved one, time spent by themselves, the adventure of roaming the orchard to find the perfect apple, and yes some come just to pick the farmer's brain for fruit growing tips.
Good day for picking sweet cherries

apparently Mohammed picks just the best peaches
If your reason is one of these or another I think people just enjoy being here...  they may not be quite sure why but It just feels right!  I think its because while you are here there is grass under your feet and your busy gathering food.  Both of which scratch a very primal itch that is hard to reach in our modern lives. 
Probably around July 4th.  A great day for picking at Butternut.  Both Strawberries (foreground) and Raspberries (background) are available for picking at the same time.    

A solid weekend day during the fall harvest!  I wonder how many found their perfect apple?
Whatever your reason be sure visit Butternut Farm for some pick your own fruit this coming season.  Make some memories and enjoy the outdoors.  Hopefully you will come away with some snapshots that will be fun for you to look at during next winter's snow days, like these photos are for me! 


  1. as our Jam supply dwindles and our freezer runs out of berries, we eagerly anticipate picking season. This winter has seen our PYO fruit turn into four types of jam, apple sauce, peach apple sauce, pies galore, smoothies, and more pancakes than I can count. As we look at our mini berry patch, we can't wait to get to yours!.

  2. I love Butternut Farm and come here very often during the picking season. Do you have any advice for someone who is planting a brand new vegetable garden since you also sell vegetables?

  3. Just catching up on your blog.......I haven't checked in awhile however I'm still making regular visits to the farm...Busy canning and getting ready to do up beets I know......you don't have those. Just wanted to stop and say "hello" keep up the good work

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